In just 30 minutes, we can show you how your business can save money whilst helping to save the planet.


One of the reasons our unique way of working succeeds so well is because the value of a carbon credit increases with the level of contribution we make to the local communities.

We love this so much…..it means that not only can we do what our hearts tell us to do – but our heads also agree that it is good for our investors and suppliers.

We work in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and partner with global charities and local social groups to ensure the funds we provide are spent in the best possible way.

What does this all mean in practical terms? Here are some examples:


Not only will we fund the creation of wells, but we also want to help locals to set up businesses to dig wells by providing training, equipment, and support. By doing this, these businesses can not only provide access to safe water but also earn a living for themselves and their families.


Giving everybody, everywhere equal access to education is a dream that has to start somewhere. We will work with national experts and the locals to create education centres delivering education and courses for all ages to provide opportunities for development and progression.


We will work with international experts, the national government and the locals themselves to help and fund the creation of sensitive, relevant infrastructure that helps the communities to maintain their culture and identity as well as advance their local societies.



In every project we commission, we will seek to employ as many local people as possible. We will uphold the standards of total equality for all ensuring equal opportunities for all walks of life.  We will pay fair and equal wages to all and provide opportunities for progression to everyone regardless of race, creed or gender.